"Family" music video now available.

The music video for the latest single "Family" has been released on the official YouTube channel.

I've just released the music video for my latest song "Family"!

The song describes the loneliness and worries that we all have, and at first listen, it may sound like a sharp song, but I created it to be a song that affirms each person's life without being bound by the old values.

This video expresses the world view of the song from a different angle than the story of the lyrics.

The world where the border between reality and unreality is ambiguous, the expression of the main character who is ambiguous about whether she is happy or painful, and such duality and contradiction are portrayed in this work, and I think you can taste the depth of this song, "Family".

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Atsuki Taketomo

2021.12.1 Release
Digital Single

01. Family